About Us


RAY OF HOPE FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL (ROHFI) is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. More specifically, Ray of Hope Foundation is a comprehensive multi-service agency, providing residential, educational and training services for families in hardship. Our programs promote independence, confidence and renewed hope, while offering participants opportunities for a new beginning and self worth.

The main emphasis is on developing and maintaining forward progress in terms of quality of life & improved opportunities for work and health through an educational and motivational approach.


African Connection – Help My School/Hospital is our African Initiative – African continent is the poorest continent in the whole world. This can be attributed to diseases and lack of education. Our foundation called “African Connection” will help fund education; equip hospitals with supplies one village or town at a time. We will also provide help in other areas like Health education. My visits to some of these schools and hospitals in West Africa no doubt magnified the urgency for every one who can to continue to bring help in the area of education, and medical supplies to Africa. Continuous collaboration with individuals and other NGOs to provide, clean water, mosquito nets, education on healthy living, etc. no doubt in the long run, will lead to a better and healthy Africa, thereby eliminating untimely deaths. This of course will enable children to live long like their counterparts in other parts of the world, and ROHFII is committed to help.


Ray of Hope Foundation International, Inc. (ROHFII) believes in giving back to the community and, as collective individuals, we can make a difference by lifting up those who are down or need assistance. Services at ROHFII are open to everyone, whether, you desire to pursue a higher education, periodic help or second chance to live a healthy and Productive life. Recipients of ROHFII’s, goodwill are never asked to refund scholarships awarded or are they obligated to do anything. Donations received will strictly be used to carry out the programs and services being provided by ROHFII. In order to meet our obligations, we depend on our donors to continue to donate.


Ray of Hope Foundation International, Inc. name and logo are trademarks of the ROHFII. Some of the materials on this website may be reproduced, while some may not be reproduced without express permission from Ray of Hope Foundation International, Inc.

Our Founder


Ann Uwakolam

Founder & President
email: ann.uwakolam@rohfii.org
phone: 301.782.3561
location: Washington, D.C 20066

Ann Uwakolam is a wife, mother, a graduate of Strayer University and a minister who is dedicated to helping those in need. An individual with burning desire to effect change in the lives of people going through hardship both in her community and around the world. Following her convictions she began donating gifts to The Children’s Hospital in DC. Soon it had become a yearly tradition delivering toys on Christmas Eve.

After learning of several students in need of financial resources, Ann began to do whatever she could to help them. Having seen what her little could do, Ann wasn’t satisfied. The desire to reach more people beyond her capability is why Ray of Hope Foundation International, Inc (ROHFII) was established. At ROHFII we are committed to providing Hope, New Beginning and Dreams Fulfilled.