ROHFII will be conducting Seminars, Workshops and Training on diverse topics that will include the importance of education, business, good health and financial literacy programs.


We provide opportunity for separated workers to retrain, update their resumes or acquire new skills. GED tutorial is provided for individuals wishing to continue their education to higher institutions, trade or professional school.


At ROHFII our volunteers/staff periodically offer financial literacy workshops/programs. Families are in trouble due to the inability to make an informed judgment regarding current and future use and management of Money. This include the ability to understand financial choices, plan for the future, spend wisely and manage the challenges associated with life events such as the loss of job, saving for retirement and child’s education. During the workshop, practical personal finance lessons are learned and participants gain helpful tips on how money works allowing them to become good stewardship of their future earnings. All our workshops are made possible through the help of our partners and generous donors.