Ray of Hope Foundation International is also involved with Counseling Services, Self Esteem Enhancement and Healthy Living Choices.


At ROHFII, we offer teens who found that they are pregnant and scared safe haven. We help them make the right decisions that may affect them in the future. We also provide help and resources referrals within the community for individuals dealing with drug and alcohol.

  1. Addresses of shelters closest to their zip code
  2. Transportation to shelters if need be
  3. Referrals to resources available in their community
  4. Closest emergency rooms in the case of health issues


An important factor in improving folks in hardship is also improving their self-esteem and its underlying wellness issues, we help in that regard as well.



Most often than not, low income families and individuals tend to eat food hazardous to their bodies. During the health seminars/fair, the importance of eating healthy food and its benefits to health will be stressed. Individuals and families will be encouraged to visit free clinics or hospitals to have regular check up.

It is always beneficial and cost effective to the community to be proactive by educating its people on health education than to be reactive when it is all too late. We at ROHFII will do our best in this regard, even if we save one life, it will all be worth it.

All workshops are free and are made possible through the help of our partners and generous donors.